The largest publicly funded project to be constructed in Wellington in the past decade, this massive building opened in August 2011.

Jerry Hewitt headed the competition-winning SKM Architecture design team for this project, through concept development, Preliminary Design to Resource Consent. Nick Leko took the role of Project Architect from Preliminary Design to Resource Consent.

The enormous bulk of the building is mitigated by the use of a voluptuous curving plan-shape and roof-form which disguises its true size, and soften its impact on the neighbourhood. Its curves also offer a smooth and resilient form to the extreme environment to which it is exposed on the shore of Evans Bay.

Numerous ESD initiatives have been designed into the building – its form and orientation promote natural cross ventilation, with cooling in summer enhanced by underground fresh-air intakes. Power usage is minimised by focusing winter heating on spectators rather than playing areas. 

Rainwater harvesting and grey-water recycling are incorporated, and roof-mounted solar-heating panels and wind-turbines reduce the power loading. The use of sustainable materials in the construction has been maximised, with natural timbers sourced from suitable suppliers.

Natural day-lighting via large areas of roof-lighting minimises reliance on artificial lighting during the day-time. Staggered pre-cast concrete panels form the enclosure walls, providing a durable envelope and providing an irregular surface to reduce sound-spill and modify the internal acoustics.

Concept Design Team

Jerry Hewitt (Design Director), Nick Leko(Project Architect), Sean Stone (Sports Consultant Architect), Stuart Waters (Assistant Architect), Rob Ansell (Assistant Architect), Phil Orde (Assistant Architect), Hugh Tennent (Assistant Architect), Cushla Dowman (Architectural Graduate), Daniel Flynn (Technician), Matt Cantwell (Technician), Wesley Baigent (Architectural Graduate), Jimmy Mitchell (Architectural Graduate), Tara Lowry (Architectural Graduate).