Jerry Hewitt designed this boutique museum experience in 2001 as a permanent showcase for the legendary annual awards show.

The Awards show features over 250 original creations modelled by a large cast of models, dancers, acrobats, jugglers, and performers in a highly choreographed and energised live show. 

The challenge was to deliver the excitement and showmanship of the live event in a sustainable, manageable, cost-effective exhibit which can be updated four times every year, and will run unattended 10 hours a day, seven days a week.

The WOW Museum features a fully automated animatronic stage show, featuring the award-winning jewels of the WOW collection, choreographed to lighting, projections, special effects and music in a recycling 15 minute show. 

The stage show is enhanced by spectacular static displays which allow visitors to closely appreciate the workmanship and detail of the finest pieces in the collection. A separate gallery showcases the special Ultra-violet illuminated exhibits, which themselves form a specific category in the WOW awards. 

A self-contained audio-visual theatre allows visitors to view highlights from the recorded shows from past years in the comfort of a well-appointed auditorium.

This museum was completed well within a very tight budget, and opened to the public to coincide with the 2001 WOW Awards show.