The Munich Velodrome (Radstadion) was constructed in 1972 for the Munich Olympics and comprised an oval banked wooden cycle- track completely surrounded by tiered seating in a perfect oval structure.

The building is located within the Olympiapark close to the centre of the city.

Olympic Spirit redeveloped the site as an interactive Olympic experience centre, operated under licence from the IOC. The project retains the shell of the radstadion, and creates a “black-box” clear-span hall in the centre of what was the cycle-track oval.

The centre comprised over 11,000sq.m of interactive, sports-themed entertainment, featuring each of the Olympic events. A highlight of the centre is the 48-seat Showscan motion simulator theatre housing an adrenaline-packed film-experience.

The centre was opened by Snr Juan Samaranch in 1999, who was the incumbent president of the International Olympic Committee. As Vice President of Development for the Olympic Spirit Group, Jerry Hewitt supervised the design team and provided oversight of the installation through to opening.