FIT Architecture specialises in the development and design of visitor experiences.

We work in both the public and commercial sectors, with clients including governments, museums, heritage NGOs, development bodies, and tourism companies.

We have completed projects throughout New Zealand, Australia, and in France, Germany, UK, Denmark, Canada, and USA. We collaborate with a global network of suppliers and co-consultants.

We conceive, develop, design and project manage a wide range of projects, from complete visitor attractions, down to individual interactive experiences cialis 20 mg online.

Our long-standing relationship with Gibson Group allows us to provide a total service, from concept through to design, content development, media production and installation. We have jointly delivered numerous turn-key projects.

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jerry hewitt



During the course of his career Jerry has designed a wide range of projects across many sectors in the UK and New Zealand. He founded and headed a London-based consultancy for over fifteen years before relocating to New Zealand in 1991.

He continues to work both locally and internationally, and has completed projects all over the world, including USA, Australia, France, Denmark, China, Germany and Canada.

He is a highly skilled designer with extensive experience in the development of client-responsive, efficient and cost-effective solutions. In 2006 he led a team to win the commission to design the $40 million Wellington Indoor Community Sports Centre, a publicly funded project won in a competitive design process.

Jerry has special skills and expertise in cultural projects. He has designed a number of high profile museums and visitor attractions in New Zealand and overseas, and has extensive expertise in the design of interactive multi-media displays.